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Does it Pay?

The Markstay-Warren Volunteer Fire Department firefighters are paid on call and for weekly training.

What commitment is required?

The Markstay-Warren Fire Department holds 4 training meetings per month on Tuesdays from 7-9pm. Of these meetings you are expected to attend a minimum of 70% and 50% of calls.

I work shift work, can I still be a volunteer firefighter?

The Markstay-Warren Fire Department is made up of people who have other jobs. Shift work may make you an ideal candidate since you can respond during the day. If you are unsure if your schedule will work with the fire department, don’t hesitate to contact the fire department.

I am afraid of _______. Does that mean I can’t be a firefighter?

In the department there are always a variety of jobs on scene. Whether it is a fear of heights, or any other things we may come across, the officers are sensitive to the capabilities and fears of every individual.

What Education is required?

The Markstay-Warren Fire Department trains its’ firefighters through in house programs and courses provided by the fire college. Fire service specific training is an asset, but is not required.

How old do I have to be?

The minimum age to join the fire department is 18.

Will I have to rescue people from burning buildings?

Interior attack is a skill which you will be trained on throughout the year. The Markstay-Warren Fire Department uses a probationary period of one year where you will gain all the skills required to operate on a fire scene. Probationary firefighters are not sent to do interior attack.

Are there opportunities for additional training?

The Markstay-Warren Fire Department is connected with a number of fire departments and associations. Individuals who want to be certified as a full firefighter are encouraged to do so and will have opportunities to access training courses.

Can I drive a fire truck?

A DZ license is required to drive the fire trucks as well as an annual sign off for driving the truck through a slalom course. Light trucks can be driven by any G Class Driver.

I am thinking about joining, how do I find out more?

The fire departments practise on Tuesdays at 7pm. Stop by to talk to the firefighters, and see what it is all about.

How do I join?

Submit an application located here at the municipal office or to a firefighter at one of the stations. There will be an interview, and successful candidates will be contacted to receive their PPE and start training. If the stations are full, you will be placed on a waiting list.

 The station in my area is full, can I still apply?

Yes.  If the station in your area has a full complement fo fire fighters you can still apply.  If successful on your interview you will be added to a waiting list if any vacancies occur.

Fire Chief Mark Whynott Urges Residents to Install Smoke Alarms and Practice Home Fire Escape Plans

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Municipality of Markstay-Warren – February 15, 2017 In the wake of a fatal fire in Brampton, ON., on Tuesday, February 14, 2017, the Markstay-Warren Fire Department wants to remind the public to make sure that they have working smoke alarms on every storey of their home and outside all sleeping areas, and have practiced a home fire escape plan with everyone in their home.

It has not yet been determined if there were working smoke alarms in the fatal fire in Brampton.

“Many fatal fires occur at night when everyone is asleep, so early warning is crucial to survival,” says Mark Whynott. “The Ontario Fire Code requires working smoke alarms on every storey of the home and outside all sleeping areas. For added protection, our fire department is recommending that you also install a smoke alarm in every bedroom. Larger homes may require additional smoke alarms.”

Just as important as having working smoke alarms is making sure everyone in your home knows exactly what to do to escape BEFORE a fire occurs. “We want to make sure these types of tragedies do not happen in Markstay-Warren,” continued Chief Mark Whynott.

Simple smoke and carbon monoxide alarm tips:

  • Install smoke alarms on every storey and outside all sleeping areas of your home. For added protection, install a smoke alarm in every bedroom according to manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Install carbon monoxide alarms outside all sleeping areas if your home has a fuel-burning appliance, fireplace or attached garage. For added protection, install a carbon monoxide alarm on every story of your home according to manufacturer’s recommendations.  
  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide alarms monthly by pressing the test button.
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms wear out over time. Replace alarms according to manufacturer’s recommendations.


Simple steps for home fire escape planning include:

  • Everyone should know two ways out of each room, if possible.
  • All exits must be unobstructed and easy to use. 
  • If someone in your home has a disability, develop an escape plan with your household that takes into account their unique needs. Determine who will be responsible for helping young children, older adults and anyone who needs assistance to escape.
  • Choose a meeting place outside, such as a tree or a lamp post, where everyone can be accounted for. 
  • Call the fire department from outside the home, from a cell phone or neighbour’s home.
  • Practice your home fire escape plan.
  • Once out, stay out. Never re-enter a burning building.


For people who live in apartment buildings and need assistance to escape:

  • Make sure you tell the superintendent or landlord if you need assistance.
  • Make sure your name is added to the persons who require assistance list in the fire safety plan, so the fire department knows which apartment you are in.
  • Know the emergency procedures outlined in the building’s fire safety plan.

For more information, contact:

Markstay-Warren Fire Prevention Bureau 705-853-4536 est. 210]