Public Works Director
The Public Works Director along with a staff of six public works crew are responsible for the following functions and services:

  • Road maintenance and patrols
  • Snow and ice removal
  • Street sweeping, gravel patching, dust control, resurfacing, ditching, culverts and bridges
  • Operating and maintenance of landfill sites
  • Operations and maintenance of cemeteries
  • Operation and maintenance of water and sewage programs
  • Management and maintenance of municipal equipment and vehicle fleet
  • Capital works and projects as pertains to municipal infrastructure and buildings

Donald Cauchy
Phone: 705 853-4536 Ext. 208
Fax: 705 853-4964
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The Municipality has a population of 2,300 permanent residents. Markstay-Warren is a bilingual municipality where the use of the French language is predominant in relation to the use of English.

Fluctuation in Population
Besides farm land, the municipality has many lakes, lush forests, the Veuve River and some smaller water courses within its boundaries. This has resulted in the development of cottages, hunting and fishing camps, as well as tourist lodges. Consequently there is an increase in the population during the tourist seasons.

There are many summer residents who come from outside the municipality to stay at tourist lodges and private cottages during the summer months.

With the popularity of snowmobiles and the development of snowmobile trails throughout the municipality, we also see a seasonal population increase during the winter months.

Although the ages of the population reflect those of other municipalities, migration of retired persons to our municipality from the larger centres has resulted in an increase in the senior population.

Water Systems

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Water Quality and Monitoring Reports for the Markstay and Warren Water Systems may be viewed at the Municipal Office as per O. Reg 170/03 sec 12.4 during regular office hours.

For further information or questions call the Municipal Office Mon to Fri 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at (705) 853-4536

After Hours emergency call the Ontario Clean Water Agency pager number (705) 497-2526.

Please clearly state the nature of the emergency, the location, your name and contact number so that a Municipal representative can follow-up with the appropriate action.

Notice Drinking Water Lead Sampling 2008 - click to view

Public Notice - Unsolicited Water Testing - click to view

Water Supply Wells
The Ministry of the Environment has released Water Supply Wells - Requirements and Best Management Practices, a comprehensive and helpful manual for industry, regulatory agencies and interested homeowners on understanding requirements of Ontario's Wells regulation (O. Reg. 903 made under the Ontario Water Resources Act).

The manual consists of fifteen chapters and features plain language summaries, illustrations, photocgraphs and best management practices to help readers better understand the regulation and go beyond compliance.

The manual is available on Drinking Water Ontario's Wells Page and on the Ministry of the Environment's website under Technical Publications - Water Wells.

Garbage Collection

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Garbage Collection
It is the responsibility of the homeowner or tenant to place household garbage at the roadway for pick-up the morning of your scheduled pick-up (9:00 am) and to ensure that the garbage is secure until such time the pick-up occurs. Please note there is a 6 bag limit and garbage bags should not weigh more than 35 lbs. Garbage containers that can be removed from the roadside or a small tarpaulin to cover the garbage can deter birds and small animals from scattering debris.  Please note that household garbage only will be picked up.  Larger items such as chairs, mattresses, ect. will not be picked up but can be brought to the landfill site for free.

Any questions or concerns please contact the municipal office.

Garbage Policy- click to view

Residential Collection Areas - Click to view

Landfill Site Hours
The Warren Landfill Site (Gervais Road off Nipissing Road) hours are as follows:

Winter Hours (as of October 15th)
Wednesdays and Saturdays 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Summer Hours (as of April 15th)
Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Please note that the Landfill site is closed for all statutory holidays and will be opened on the following business day.

Tipping Fees
Tipping fees for construction debris and "untagged" refrigeration units are in place and are enforced. Prior to dumping, it is the resident's responsibility to obtain a tipping fee receipt from the Municipal Office during regular business hours.

Tipping fee permits are also available a the following locations:
Bertrand Confectinay - 3 Pioneer Street West in Markstay
Hagar General Store - 7147 Highway 17 E in Hagar
Markstay-Warren Library - Warren Branch - 39 Lafontaine Street (during regular business hours)
Warren Esso - 8824 Highway 17 E in Warren 

The Municipality of Markstay-Warren recycles the following at the landfill site: 
     *  Tires and rimes
     *   White metals
     *   Electronics
     *   Batteries (rechargeable batteries weighing 5 kg or less - thitium ion; nickel cadmium; small sealed lead acid; nickel metal hydride and nickel zinc)


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Streetlight Repairs
Problems with streetlights in the communities of Markstay-Warren should be directed to the municipal office. When reporting a problemed streetlight, please provide poll number and location of streetlight.

Appliance Pick-up

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The municipality will not pick up appliance but we do recycle them at the landfill site in Warren.  Refrigerators and freezers that are tags (freon removed) can be brought to the landfill site for free.  If the freon has not been removed, a tipping fee of $60 applies.  Make sure to get your receipt of payment of tipping fee prior to bringing your refrigerator or freezer to the landfill.  All other appliances can be brought to the landfill for free.