Building & By-Law Enforcement
Please Call the Municipal Office to make appointment with the Chief Building Official.

The Building Department receives, reviews and processes applications for the many types of permits which are required, to ensure that construction and other regulated activities within the Municipality meet the standards set out in the Ontario Building Code Act and any other applicable law

Common Permits Include:

- New buildings (residential, commercial, industrial and institutional)
- Building alterations and renovations (including finished basements & attics)
- Garages/Accessory buildings (attached and detached)
- Decks and porches
- Swimming pools/fences (pools deeper than 24 inches)
- Fireplaces, woodstoves, chimneys
- Replacing or installing new plumbing
- Barns/stables

Permits are a vital step in the enforcement of codes and regulations. Permits MUST be obtained before any works or activities begin. Inspections are conducted by the Building Department at various stages throughout the construction of the approved project. It is the applicant's responsibility to book these inspections. Permits provide the means for the Municipality to ensure the health, safety and welfare of its citizens and visitors, while helping residents to understand the Ontario Building Code regulations and the local by-laws. This enables the municipal building official to review and inspect the works or activities authorized by the permits, to ensure that minimum standards are met.

When applying for a building permit, please bring the following information:
- Tax bill of property

- Plot plan or copy of survey
- Plans for construction of structure(s)
- Any structure more than 108sq ft requires a building permit.

 Zoning Administration
The Building Department provides zoning information to applicants and the general public on development proposals and provides comments on applications to the Committee of Adjustment, zoning by-law amendments and severances.

 Other Services
The Building Department also provides the following services:
- compliances/work order requests from lawyers
- preparation of Statistics Canada reports
- administration and enforcement of several municipal by-laws
- administration of the civic address system
- administration and inspections of water service connections and water meters

Norman McComb
Chief Building Official
Phone: (705) 853-4536 ext. 209

Permit Application Forms

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Application for a Permit to Construct or Demolish