Council Meetings

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Regular Council Meetings are held on the third (3rd) Monday of each month at 7:00 pm and are rotated between Markstay and Warren. Meetings are held at the Markstay-Warren Municipal Complex, 21 Main Street South in Markstay and at the Markstay-Warren Community Centre - Upstairs Hall, 39 Lafontaine Street in Warren.

Council welcomes public attendance and wishes to remind everyone that to conduct effective meetings procedures to address Council have been implemented. This will prepare Council to make an informed desicion and provide answers on a more timely basis. Members of the public must submit a written request to be placed on the agenda to the Clerk no later than 5 working days prior to the regular meeting detailing the matters to be presented.

Petitions and delegations will be dealt with at the beginning of the meeting. Public inquiries will be received by Council following the petitions and delegations item of the agenda.

Regular Council Meetings for 2017

January 16 Council Chambers (Markstay)
February 21 Arena Hall (Warren)
March 20 Council Chambers (Markstay)
April 18 Arena Hall (Warren)
May 15 Council Chambers (Markstay)
June 19 Arena Hall (Warren)
July 17 Council Chambers (Markstay)
August 21 Arena Hall (Warren)
September 18 Council Chambers (Markstay)
October 16 Arena Hall (Warren)
November 20 Council Chambers (Markstay)
December 11 Arena Hall (Warren)

Regular Council Meetings are scheduled to begin at 7 pm

Regular Council Meetings for 2018

January 15 Council Chambers (Markstay)
February 20 Arena Hall (Warren)
March 26 Council Chambers (Markstay)
April 16 Arena Hall (Warren)
May 22 Council Chambers (Markstay)
June 18 Arena Hall (Warren)
July 16 Council Chambers (Markstay)
August 20 Arena Hall (Warren)
September 17 Council Chambers (Markstay)
October 15 Arena Hall (Warren)
November 26 Council Chambers (Markstay)
December 3

Council Chambers (Markstay)

 Inaugural meeting

December 10 Arena Hall (Warren)

Regular Council Meetings are scheduled to begin at 7 pm