Policing/Medical Services

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In the early years of settlement, policing in the village of Warren was handled by a local constable. The community jail was located at 30 Stanhope Street; the building was ultimately sold by council in 1930. The Ontario Provincial Police (O.P.P.) assumed responsibility for the area in 1936, and by 1943, the Warren Detachment was responsible for policing in Warren, Markstay, Hagar, Noelville, Alban, and French River. The Warren Detachment was closed in 1995, when the reorganisation of the O.P.P. amalgamated Districts 12 and 13. Between 1995 and 2001, the Markstay-Warren area was serviced by the Noelville Detachment. In 2001, the Warren detachment was reopened at its current location at 38 Rutland Avenue.

The first medical service in the Warren area was provided by a nurse who arrived in the area in 1913. In the early days nurses and midwives provided most of the medical assistance; a veterinarian was occasionally called on for certain medical emergencies. The closest medical practitioner in the area was located in the village of Verner. The Warren First Response Team was established in 1987 to shorten the length of time it took for an ambulance to arrive at medical emergencies. Consequently, an ambulance station was built in Hagar to serve the surrounding communities. In the case of very urgent medical emergencies, an air ambulance helicopter can be called; helipads are situated in the villages of Markstay and Warren. In 2011, the Sudbury East Community Health Centre opened its Markstay-Warren point of service in the Markstay-Warren Multi-Use Facility at 39 Lafontaine Street in Warren, creating a permanent health care facility in the Municipality.