Strategic Plan

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The purpose of the plan was to assist the municipality in stimulating economic activity in the area with the creation of new business ventures, the expansion of existing businesses or industries and the employment opportunities that would be generated.

The focus and vision of the strategic plan was to develop a short term, medium term and long term development strategy that would guide Council in its efforts to create and maintain economic growth.

The process has included public meetings, and a series of private interviews with public officials, local business people, residents and community stakeholder groups.

The process has been guided by the Planning and Development Committee of Council that consisted of Members of Council, residents and business leaders within the community.

Click Here to download the Strategic Plan in PDF.

Markstay-Warren needs a proactive strategic plan to guide future economic growth.  We are reasearching statistics and trends and want to balance that with what you would embrace as special potential opportunities in the area.  In the end, we want the plan to reflect the community and build on its strengths to differentiate it from the competition.  Please help us create YOUR plan and complete our survey.  Visit the following link: