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The Municipality of Markstay-Warren lies within the Sudbury East area, located along the Highway 17 corridor between the City of Greater Sudbury and the City of North Bay. It was created in 1999 through the amalgamation of the political townships of Hagar, and Ratter and Dunnet, the geographic township of Awrey, and portions of the geographic townships of Hawley, Street, Loughrin and Henry. The three major settlements within the Municipality are the village of Markstay, the village of Hagar, and the village of Warren.

Like every small northern community, the Municipality of Markstay-Warren has most amenities to serve the needs of its residents. From local variety stores to a beautiful scenic golf course, in Markstay-Warren every service is just around the corner.

The Municipality is home to both public and seperate schools, which offer instruction in both English and French. This option offers a choice of education in one area to educate our children in both official languages.

Today, the Markstay-Warren employment continues in agricultural, forestry and is dominated by a vibrant tourism industry.

Come visit the wonderful municipality, the friendly people of the area will make your stay a memorable one that you will not forget.

Following the amalgamation and restructuring process in January 1, 1999, the Council of the Municipality recognized the strategic importance of the collective resources of the former Townships and decided to embark on the development of a strategic plan for the new community entity. The Strategic Plan is available for viewing online.

The Municipality has a population of approximately 2,600 permanent residents. Markstay-Warren is a bilingual municipality where both English and French are spoken in equal measure by most of the municipality's inhabitants.

Markstay-Warren contains many lakes, lush forests, the Veuve River and some smaller watersheds within its boundaries. This has encouraged the development of many cottages, hunting and fishing camps, as well as tourist lodges. Consequently, the municipality experiences a seasonal increase in population during the summer tourist season. Recently, the popularity of snowmobiles and the development of snowmobile trails in the municipality has encouraged a seasonal population increase during the winter months.

Demographically, the distribution of age groups in Markstay-Warren is consistent with the other municipalities in the Sudbury District. In recent years, the migration of retired persons to our municipality from larger centres in both Northern and Southern Ontario has resulted in an increase in the senior population.