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Emergency Management in Ontario (EMO)

Since 1980, communities have counted on Emergency Management Ontario (EMO) when they need it most. In fact, they are on the job well before an emergency occurs. Prevention and preparedness are key pillars of EMO’s mandate. When the unthinkable happens, EMO is there to support community response and coordinate provincial activities as required.

While Ontario is a safe place to live and work, emergencies can happen anywhere and at anytime. Emergency management in Ontario consists of a system of mutually supportive partnerships coordinated by Emergency Management Ontario. We all have a role to play in keeping the province safe. Individuals and families should be prepared to take care of themselves for at least 72 hours in the event of an emergency situation.

At the government level, all municipalities and provincial ministries are required to have an emergency management program. The requirements for these programs are set out in the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act. Emergency Management Ontario supports municipalities and ministries in implementing their programs by providing them with advice, assistance, guidelines, training, and other tools.

Most incidents that do occur are handled at the local level by well-trained emergency responders. In the event of a larger incident, the head of council may decide to declare an emergency and assemble local officials at the municipal Emergency Operations Centre. This approach ensures a coordinated and effective strategic response.
The Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act establishes the province’s legal basis and framework for managing emergencies. It does this by defining the authority, responsibilities and safeguards accorded to provincial ministries, municipalities and specific individual appointments, such as the Commissioner of Emergency Management.

The overall legal framework for emergency management in Ontario is addressed primarily in the Act, which along with powers contained in other ministry-specific legislation allows the government to take necessary steps to deal with a provincial emergency. The purpose of the legislation is to promote the public good by protecting the health, safety and welfare of the people of Ontario in times of emergencies.

EMO Vision - a safe, secure and resilient Ontario.

EMO Mission - EMO will lead the coordination, development and implementation of prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery strategies to maximize the safety, security and resiliency of Ontario through effective partnerships with diverse communities.

EMO Values - teamwork, excellence, diversity, integrity, accountability and relationships.