The Municipality of Markstay-Warren primary goals and objectives are to provide services which focus on public safety and a balanced quality of life in our community.

Most frequently referenced By-Laws are available below. By-Laws prior can be requested by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Older By-laws will be added as time and funds permit. Paper copies of all By-laws are available at the Municipal Office in Markstay.

The applications and by-laws listed have been prepared for reference purposes only. This is not a comprehensive list of applications and by-laws, and only the most common and publicly relevant have been included. Official signed documents are available at the Municipal Office.
Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this information; however these references are not to be used in place of actual by-laws. If you have an interest in acquiring an official by-law, or one that is not listed here, then please contact the municipal office.

Animal Control


Building Control

 Bylaw 2004-26 Standards for Maintenance & Occupany of Property (Building Code)

Bylaw 2019-10 Appointment of Chief Building Official
Bylaw 2018-36 Property Standards for Maintenenace and occupancy of property and repeal of bylaw 2013-53 and Bylaw 2017-19
By-law 2018-38 Respecting Construction, Demotition and change of use permits and inspections  Schedule A to D



By-Law 2020-03 Budget Bylaw & 2020 Budget
2019 Budget
By-law 2019-07 Adoption of tax rates for all property classes for 2019
Schedule A to Bylaw 2019-07
By-law 2018-41 Amendment to portion of By-law 2018-05


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Bylaw 2020-04 To establish the Sudbury East Accessibility Advisory Committee
Bylaw 1999-08 Establishment of Advisory Committees to Council
Bylaw 2005-22 Establish a Committee of Adjustment
Bylaw 2005-23 Procedural Bylaw for Committee of the Adjustment


2016-46 To Adopt A Complaint Handling Policy



By-law 2001-02 - Procedural Bylaw
Bylaw 2001-33 Amendment to Bylaw 2001-02
Bylaw 2002-23 Agreenment with Ontario Provincial Police for 911 CERB Services
Bylaw 2004-32 Procurement Policies & Procedures (Purchasing Bylaw)
Bylaw 2008-13 Agreement with Ontario Provincial Police for 911 Cerb Services
Bylaw 2011-11amendment to bylaw2001-02
Bylaw 2018-40 Municpal Reserves, Reserve Funds, and Deferred Revenue as of December 31, 2017
By-law 2018-51 Appointment of Deputy Mayor
By-law 2018-52 Appointment of Signing Officers
Bylaw 2018-53 Repeal Remuneration for Council
Bylaw 2018-56 Proceedngs of Council
Bylaw 2019-05 Being a By-law to confirm the proceedings of Council
By-law 2019-01 Being a By-Law to authorize the adoption of a Council Code of Conduct
By-law 2019-02 Appointment of Integrity Commissioner  Agreement to Bylaw 2019-02 
Bylaw 2019-08 Remuneration
Bylaw 2019-09 Proceedings of Council
Bylaw 2019-18 Proceedings of Council
By-law 2019-17 Lease Agreement - OPP Station
Bylaw 2019-16 Appointment of Municipal Law Enforcement Officers
By-law 2019-22 Proceedings of Council
Bylaw 2019-24 Agreements with Ontario Provincial Police 911 CERB Services 2019
Bylaw 2019-28 Proceedings of Council
By-Law 2020-10 To Appoint signing Officers for the Municipality of Markstay-Warren
By-Law 2020-11 - To Appoint an Acting Treasurer
Bylaw 2020-06 Being a bylaw to establish service charges and fees



 Emergency Measures

Bylaw 2019-26 Emergency Management Program Committee and CCG Appointment 
Bylaw 2019-27 Appointment of Emergency Information officer (EIO)
By-law 2016-45 Bylaw to amend By-Law 2016-37 being a By-law to adopt the Emergency Plan for the Corporation of the Municipality of Markstay-Warren
By-law 2016-37 To Adopt the Emergency Plan for the Corporation of the Municipality of Markstay-Warren Annual Municipal Maintenance Checklist




Bylaw 2000-13 Advance Votes prior to voting day
Bylaw 2003-30 Advance Vote
Bylaw 2006-24 Municipal Elections 2006 Vote by Mail
Bylaw 2009-45 Municipal Elections 2010 Vote by Mail
Bylaw 2010-39 Joint compliance Audit Committee
Bylaw 2013-64 2014 Elections Signs
Bylaw 2014-36 2014 Joint Compliance Audit Committee
Bylaw 2017-09 2018 Municipal Elections Vote by Mail
Bylaw 2018-35 Adoption of Delegation of Power to the CAO/Clerk
Bylaw 2019-39 Establish a Joint Compliance Audit Committee
By-law 2018-45 2018 Municipal Elections Joint Compliance Audit Committee



Fees & Charges

Bylaw 2015-32 Service Fees & Charges
By-Law 2020-06 Fees and Charges


Bylaw 2019-13 Confirm Municipal Reserves, Reserve Funds, and Deferred Revenue
By-law 2018-40 Confirmation of Municipal Reserves, Reserve Funds and Deferred Revenue
By-law 2018-48 Debenture towards the cost of the Main Street South Bridge Rehabilitation  Schedule A Schedule B
Bylaw 2010-38 - Tangible Capital Asset Policies

Fire Safety

Bylaw 2019-16 - Appointment of Municipal Law Enforcement Officers
By-law 2018-46 Appointment of Alternate Community Emergency Management Coordinator
Bylaw 2018-54 Agreement with the Municiality of Killarney
By-law 2008-36 - Appointment of Fire Chief


Bylaw 2010-23 - Size and Composition of Library Board Members 


By-Law 2019-21 Noise Bylaw

Property Standard

Bylaw 2013-53 Property Standards
Bylaw 2018-49 Maintenance of Land (Clean Yard By-Law)   Schedule A & B
bylaw_2013-31 - To regulate the cleaning and clearing of any grounds, yards and vacant lots (Long Grass)
Bylaw 2017-19 Property Standards Amendment to Bylaw 2013-53
Bylaw 2018-37 Property Standards Clean Yard


Bylaw 2004-28 To establish official road classificatins and rate of speed within the Municipality of Markstay-Warren (Minimum Standard)
By-law 2018-43 Amendment of portion of By-law 99-30
All-Terrain Vehicle Regulations, Offences and Fines
Bylaw 2018-55 Amend portion of Bylaw 2016-19
Bylaw 99-30 Estalbishment of Municipal Addressing System (911)Schedule A
2018-28 Temporary Close Part of North Road
ByLaw 2020-23 Being a bylaw to provide for the erection of stop signs at intersections

Link to Provincial Regulation

ORV_by-law_2015-29.pdf Effective July 1, 2015

Sale of Land

Bylaw 2005-17 Procedures for the Sale of Land



By-Law 2013-15 Smoking Policy


By-Law 2020-08 - To provide for an Interim tax levy for 2020
By-Law 2020-03 The adoption of tax rates for 2020
Bylaw 2020-01 Interim Tax Levy 2020
Bylaw 2020-02 Tax ratios 2020
Bylaw 2019-15 Adopt a Tax Collection Policy
By-law 2019-04 Interim Tax Levy 2019
Bylaw 2019-06 Establish Tax Ratios
Bylaw 2019-07 Tax rates
Bylaw 2012-12 Adoption of Tax Rates
Bylaw 2007-19 Adoption of Tax Rates
Bylaw 2006-23 Adoption of Tax Rates

Waste Management

Bylaw 2005-09 Waste Management

Water & Sewer

Bylaw 2020-16 - To establish Water & Sewer Rates for Markstay & Warren
Bylaw 2019-14 Establish Water & Sewer Rates for the Communities of Markstay & Warren
By-law 2018-42 Establish Water & Sewer Rates for Markstay & Warren

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Bylaw 2003-17 please refer to the Sudbury East Planning Board website at:
 For other zoning by-laws, click here