Fire Season 2015

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BY-LAW No. 2014-16

Being a By-Law to Establish Open Air Burning Procedures



The Municipality has an open air burning By-Law; By-Law 2014-16, this by-law regulates times and conditions where residents can burn out doors. Along with that there are Rules and Regulations in which you must adhere to.

The new by-law now enforces burning throughout the entire year, where in the past you needed a permit only from April to November now you need a permit to burn all year long.

If the Fire Department is called out to extinguish a Fire at your residence and it is determined that the Regulations were not followed YOU WILL be CHARGED. Fines are set out in the By-Law.


Visit the Fire Department Web Site to review the By-Law

Bylaw 2014-16.pdf


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The province issues a Red Alert to provide recommended immediate actions to protect citizens, their families and others when there is an imminent threat to life, public safety or property.

When is a Red Alert issued?

Red Alerts are coordinated by the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management and can be requested by Community/Ministry Emergency Management Coordinators or issued directly by the Provincial Emergency Operations Centre.

Some situations in which a Red Alert may be issued include:

  • Large fire or explosion
  • Chemical leak or spill
  • Nuclear emergency
  • Transportation accident                                                                      

How is a Red Alert Issued?                                  

Red Alerts can be distributed through:


EMO website, RSS feeds, Twitter, Email notification, Facebook, Television, Radio, Internet media, SMS text messaging