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The Markstay-Warren Fire Department consists of three fire stations, Awrey, Markstay and Warren. We have a volunteer staff of approximately sixty-five firefighters, a Fire Prevention and Public Education Bureau of six inspectors and a Department Chaplain. Our Fire Department represents one of the largest fire services in the Sudbury and District Mutual Aid Association.

The Fire Chief is responsible to Council for the proper administration and operations of the Fire Services. The following are some of the services that are offered through the Fire Department:
- Fire Prevention

- Public Education
- Smoke Alarm Programs
- Issuing Burning Permits
- Responding to Complaints
- Conducting Inspections
- Addressing Code Compliance
- Firefighter Training
- Public Assistance
- Community Events

Fire Station Locations
Station #1 - Awrey - 160 Sunset Road
Station #3 - Markstay - 21 Main Street South
Station #4 - Warren - 32 Rutland Avenue

On the average the Fire Department responds to an average of about 55 emergency calls per year. The following is a normal breakdown on the types of calls:
- Bush & Forest Fires 23%
- MVC’s 20%
- Structural Fires 14%
- Public Assist 11%
- Public Service 10%
- Alarm Investigations 9%
- Vehicle Fires 7%
- Fire – General 6%